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Path to a pain-free life
Health · 07/06/2024
Discover the Path to a Pain-Free Life Chronic pain can be overwhelming, but there is hope. Imagine transforming your relationship with pain and embarking on a healing journey. Accept your pain and use that energy to heal. In my practice, I use muscle testing to unlock your unconscious mind and repressed memories. Curious about how your subconscious might help to free you from chronic pain? How it is possible to reveal hidden connections between mind, body, and pain.

Connecting language
Communication · 26/05/2024
Ever wondered how to feel truly seen and heard in conversations? Discover the transformative power of connecting communication! Inspired by Brené Brown and Daniel Siegel and the Authentic Relating movement, this blog explores how curiosity, empathy, and authenticity can deepen your relationships. Learn practical tools to enhance your interactions, improve well-being, and reduce anxiety. Ready to start? Dive in and see how small changes can make a big difference.

Why we settle for the old power-over systems and what it needs to overcome them
Personal development · 21/11/2023
The blog critiques existing "power-over systems" in education, healthcare, finance, etc., emphasizing their erosion of autonomy. It integrates ideas from Vivian Dittmar and neuroscience to highlight the simplicity and blame culture within these systems and how a solution for change could look like.

Unlocking the power of your subconscious mind for healing
Health · 05/09/2023
Explore hidden barriers, transform your thoughts, and embrace a healthier life.