Autoimmune and chronic diseases

Chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases are the result of a prolonged Cell Danger Response (CDR). The extended CDR leads to persistent activation of the immune system, causing damage to the energy-producing mitochondria within cells, disrupting the citric acid cycle and causes subtle, but on the long run very severe inflammations in the body that cause the


This understanding is not only crucial for comprehending Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but also contributes to the understanding of all autoimmune diseases. There is a growing suspicion that all modern lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic gastrointestinal conditions, dementia, arthritis, and asthma share common metabolic origins.


The key to addressing autoimmune diseases will be to eliminate or reduce the factors that trigger the CDR. If the CDR can be switched off, the body's inherent repair mechanisms can resume their function.