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I am from Germany and live in New Zealand since the end of 2019.


As a mother of four and with a former career in business administration, I started to notice that some form of invisible barrier prevented people from getting ahead. These barriers I later found, take the form of core beliefs and fears that are completely unconscious.


My first own experiences with Kinesiology and Energetic Psychotherapy were in the 1990s as a patient, where it helped me function better as a mother and at work. During a business workshop we had to make presentations, and I had to speak in front of the group. "Crap," I thought, "that's not going to go well." Past experience had taught me that the longer I spoke, the more anxious and fearful I became. My tremors could be noticed from the back of the room. However, this time it was different. I presented the results of our group in a relaxed and easy manner. "That can't be true," I thought, and therefore tried again at the next opportunity to speak in front of the group. The success was repeated. The change could only be a result of my Kinesiological de-stressing. 


This experience convinced me, that major life changes are indeed possible! I decided to enrol for professional training to be a Kinesiologist.


I became more curious, kept going, and my enthusiasm for the possibilities that Kinesiology offered grew and grew. Removing the tight ties of my own beliefs and behaviours created by my socialization, like a snake skin, also improved my relationship with my daughter. Little by little I learned to live independently with an inner freedom.


Later when Steven Porges' research into Polyvagal-Theory on the Autonomic Nervous System was released and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing about blocked energy in the body, it was immediately obvious to me how their work relates to my client's protection- and coping mechanisms, and I integrated their and other research and techniques into my practice ever since.

My qualifications (2010 til today)

German permission to practice Natural-Health-Care in the area of psycho-therapy and running my own practice

My qualifications in Kinesiology and Energetic Psychology

David Corby

  • Autoimmune Disease 
  • The Spirit Points of the 12 Channels
  • Spirit and the Extraordinary Vessels 
  • Relationships
  • Master Course of Body Psychology  
  • Emotion, Spirit and Destiny 
  • Ba Gua Constitutions
  • Brain Function 1

Marco Rado

  • Integrated Neuro-Gastro-Enterology

  • Integrated Neurocardiology

Marie louise Muller

  • A Stable Nervous System

  • Releaving and Resolving Pain

Dietrich Klinghardt

  • Kinesiology for the Psyche 1-2

Hugo Tobar

  • Primitive Reflexes & Brain Stem 1-2
  • Neuro Emotional Pathways 1-3
  • Body Structure Hologram 1-2

Ondrej Bursik

  • Harmonizing Qi Flow 1 and 2
  • Nadies

Silvia Astfalk

  • Kinesiology of the Soul

Martin Grunder

  • PIN-Code

Philip Rafferty

  • Kinergetics 1-5
  • Masterclass

Richard Utt

  • Applied Physiology 1-5
  • The seven chi keys
  • Applied Physiology and the brain

John Thie

  • Touch for Health 1-4

Ronals Grossarth-Maticek

  • Counsellor of Authonomy Training

Frank Kinslow

  • Quantum Entrainment, basic and master

Level 3 certificate of the DGAK

Level 3 certificate of the DGAK (German association of Applied Kinesiology - the biggest center of kinesiology in Europe)

  • At least 500 hours of the course list of the DGAK
  • Touch for Health 1-3 obligatory
  • Verbal and practical qualification supervised by a supervisor
  • 6 case descriptions with 3 sessions each

Before 2010:

Apprenticeship in banking and working at banks

Family management of a family of six

Degree in business administrations - human resources

Working as a quality manager