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Kinesiology-Counselling, Auckland, Sibylle Kiehne

Invisible chains - the elephant story

A young elephant was tied to a tree, limiting his movement. As he grew, he heard other elephants enjoying their freedom and tried to join them but failed. Over time, he accepted his confined space and unfulfilled longings. When he finally broke free, he continued to stay within his familiar small area. Despite the open world before him, the invisible leash of habit and fear kept him captive in his old comfort zone.


Now imagine how wonderful it would be

to live your real and authentic self. Having access to

  • your inner instincts, knowing and wisdom
  • your curiosity and creativity
  • your inner place of safety and trust
  • your rich world of feelings
  • the self-healing power of your body
  • your natural resilience

Kinesiology-counselling, Auckland, Sibylle Kiehne

My purpose in life is to help people break free from invisible chains, so they can find true contentment and connect deeply with themselves, others, nature, the planet, and spirit. Through the combined power of kinesiology and counseling, we can achieve this together.

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