Free your real self, free your potential


It is my purpose in life to accompany human beings on their path to free themselves of invisible chains. Removed these chains will enable them to be content and connect from the heart to themselves, others, nature, the planet and spirit. Kinesiology combined with counselling does the job.


Invisible chains - the elephant story

A young elephant was tied to a tree so he only had a small range of motion. That was how he grew up. From far away he heard the sounds of other elephants enjoying their freedom. First he wanted to follow them, but tried in vain to free himself. The leash was strong and he learned to suppress this impulse. So he got used to his limited space and his feelings of unfulfilled longings and having no purpose in life.



Finally when he was grown up using all his strength he managed to free himself. Nothing was hindering him to explore the huge space of the planet. But what happened? Astonished people noticed, that he was only moving around his small space he was used to. The door of the prison was wide open. But the power of habit and the fear of the unknown worked like an invisible leash, that held him captive within the comfort zone of his old life.


Now imagine how wonderful it would be

to live your real and authentic self. Being connected to your inner instincts, knowing, wisdom and health and being able to stay within your corridor of well-being in most of the life's situations.


Energetic psychology using the means of Kinesiology combined with counselling can cut the non visible leash that prevents you from connecting in an authentic and empathic way with your real self, others, nature, the planet and spirit. It also diminishes the production of stress hormones and hence is improving your health.

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