The body's blocked energy

Kinesiology-Counselling, Auckland, Sibylle Kiehne
TCM meridian system

If the nervous system is in a hyper-aroused state the body provides a lot of energy to fight or run away. In situations we do not deal with the energy in a healthy way, it gets stuck somewhere in the body and produces a blockage. In front of the blockage constantly will be excessive and behind the blockage deficient energy. On the long run this energy imbalance affects the body and the organs negatively. Pains, chronic physic and psychic diseases and other health problems will develop.


Combining means of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Chakra System, Somatic Experience, knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System and the muscle test of Kinesiology produces astonishing results towards freeing up the blocked energy. This activates the body's self-healing power.


Kinesiology-Counselling, Auckland, Sibylle Kiehne
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The language of the body are nonverbal signals like dis-eases, pains and emotions.

The methods of Kinesiology and Energetic Psychology free the blocked energy in the body