My ethics

Caring consciousness


In harmony with myself


Caring consciousness refers to a state of being characterized by genuine concern, emotional connection, and a deep understanding of others' needs and feelings. It encompasses the qualities of compassion, empathy, and careful consideration, fostering a sense of connection and shared humanity.


Reliability is the quality or characteristic of being consistently honest, genuine, and principled in one's actions and words. It encompasses authenticity, integrity, and trustworthiness, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to ethical behavior and a reputation for being dependable and truthful in all interactions and undertakings.



Being in harmony with myself enables me to balanced and positive emotional connection, both within myself and with others. It encompasses the feelings of love, a well-regulated nervous system, and a sense of safety. In this state, individuals experience a deep sense of peace, contentment, and security, fostering healthy relationships and overall well-being. Then my nonverbal communication conveys the cues of safety that empower your autonomic nervous system to address blockages effectively.


Expertise is the comprehensive and adept combination of knowledge, skills, intuition, and a commitment to high standards of conduct within a particular field or profession. It involves the ability to consistently perform at a high level of competency, make informed decisions, and navigate complex situations while maintaining a sense of professionalism.