Woman with an university degree in psychology

I was so lucky to meet Sibylle at a friend's place. When we spoke it was clear that even though we look at the same things from a different perspective, what we come to and aim for is the same. Where I am used to work with the mind and then the body, she does it the other way around.

When I asked her what she saw in my body, she expressed within a few sentences the exact thing I have been working on for a long time but still was struggling with. Through my body she made me more aware of that what was holding me back in a major way but I was afraid off to truly deal with by myself.

Sibylle was the calm, confident and kind presence that I needed to feel secure and safe to finally approach and deal with that. My body spoke what my mind had been unable to express. She used my body as a guideline, my mind couldn't follow it, but I could feel things changing.

She took it to another level, a feeling I had forgotten about because it had been so long ago since I felt it. Now I can feel and remember how it feels to be at home in my own body again. Everywhere, not just in parts of it. Feeling full, balanced, peaceful, calm and trusting. Not wondering and questioning all the time what I should do, but knowing what is good for me and feeling the confidence to trust and follow it.

An experience that is changing the way I live my life. I can feel the change every day. I am grateful for it every day. A change I had been looking for (unbeknownst to myself) for a long time. Sibylle managed to create that change within my body and my mind, in a short amount of time.

Highly recommended.



Recommended to me by my sister as the best and most life altering therapy she had ever done, I traveled to embark on a therapy trip, which involved many intense sessions over a short period of time at Praxis Kiehne.


Sibylle was able to get to the root of my issues and through her techniques she was able to help me break down the blockages that kept me from moving beyond these issues that crippled me. Sibylle's nature and expertise helped me through my toughest days, all my questions and retaliations.


Although this was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, it changed my life, the way I reacted to things and literally rewired the way I was thinking. I would highly recommend working with Sibylle.



I struggled with gut health issues and a terrible attitude for years. Working with Sibylle showed me how it all relates to unresolved developmental trauma. Her techniques are unlike any other therapies I've tried over the years, as they address how the body stores these toxic substances that make us anxious and less effective in daily life.

The workings of kinesiology are hard to describe; it's subtle and operates on an energy level. But she also possesses broad and up-to-date knowledge of trauma psychotherapy. This helped me understand how my brain functions, accept my childhood, and ultimately move forward.


Sibylle Kiehne is a specialist in bringing the deepest triggers of stress to 'understanding' and deeply calming them. She effectively supports the uncovering and powerful transformation of hindering beliefs from early development.

Her knowledge of the autonomic nervous system is extensive and provides answers, room for action, and courage for growth steps, where colleagues or therapists may also reach their limits. Thank you dear Sibylle Kiehne.


At first, I was skeptical, but then I was proven wrong. Kinesiology with Mrs. Kiehne is the absolute fastest, most effective, and sustainable method to achieve overall well-being.


Through the muscle test, personal stress factors can be identified and relaxed, which is helpful during personal crises. What I liked best was being able to get help quickly without having to talk a lot.


Very intriguing method. I've had good experiences with it.