Sequence of a session

I will learn about your past past life during the first session and ask questions like: " Were there any complications during your birth". "Have you had any severe medical treatment". "Did one or both of your parents have psychic problems". " Did you loose one ore both of your parents during childhood?" I do not have to know the details, that makes it a lot easier for many of you to deal with these subjects.


Then we would turn towards the subjects you would like to deal with. In this first state the muscle-test is used to identify possible subconscious topics (energy blockages) connected to the main problem.


For the kinesiological balance you make yourself comfortable on a treatment-table or if that does not work for you on a chair. Now I will use the muscle-test to access the energy-system of the body to find our with which acupressure-point or Chakra to work with. Working with the energy system of the body activates the self-healing power. When the muscle-test shows, that your nervous system is -concerning the set-up subject- in a balanced state, the session will be finished.


While I am holding acupressure points I might add elements of Somatic experience and Energetic Psychology or other techniques.


I have to touch you during the balance, but only on top of your clothes.