Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that pain arises from an excess of energy within the body. One can visualize this energy system as various rivers coursing through the body. However, disruptions akin to landslides can occur, constricting these riverbeds. As these disruptions persist, the flow of energy is impeded, ultimately leading to pain.


Also according to Chinese Medicine, when the nervous system becomes overwhelmed and unable to address immediate issues, it temporarily stores excess energy within the body until the individual gains the capacity to manage it. However, if this stored energy remains untapped or unresolved, the body may manifest pain as a reminder to address and release this pent-up energy.


Essentially, the body utilizes pain as a signal to prompt action in freeing the stored energy. This concept suggests that unresolved emotional or psychological stressors can contribute to the accumulation of stagnant energy within the body, eventually leading to discomfort or pain. By acknowledging and addressing these underlying issues, individuals can work towards releasing the trapped energy and alleviating associated pain or discomfort.



In addressing such pains through energetic methods, understanding the specific cause of the blockage isn't necessary. Instead, the focus is on activating the body's innate capacity for self-healing. By doing so, the body itself can gradually eliminate the blockage.


During this process, the body may exhibit healing reactions reminiscent of those experienced when using homeopathic remedies. These reactions serve as indicators that the body is actively engaging in the healing process. From my own experience, these reactions typically dissipate within a few days, affirming that the body is progressing toward restoration.