Unlocking the power of your subconscious mind for healing

Did you know the profound impact that both your conscious and, even more significantly, your subconscious thoughts have on your life? In this section, I'd like to reflect on how your subconscious thinking can affect your healing process.


Some individuals may find themselves frustrated, wondering why their state of well-being doesn't seem to improve, despite following the advice of counselors and doctors diligently. It's crucial to examine our thought patterns. Could it be that there's a hidden benefit in not feeling well? Do we receive more attention and assistance when we're constantly in pain? Are we using our condition as an excuse for not striving for perfection? Are we using our state of health as a form of protection or a means to assign blame or guilt, either to ourselves or others? In some cases, we may have become so closely identified with our state of illness that we're unaware of these thought patterns.


If you're tempted to think that no one has such thoughts, it's important to remember the power of subconscious thinking. Subconscious thoughts can be incredibly potent, often more so than our conscious thoughts.


Muscle testing can be a valuable tool to unearth these hidden thought patterns. It helps us determine whether these subconscious "traps" exist. The key is to transform healing-preventing thoughts into healing-supporting ones. You can start by finding an affirmation that represents the mindset you want to adopt. However, it's not enough for your conscious mind to accept this statement; your body must align with it too. Muscle testing reveals any stress or incongruence in your system when you utter the affirmation.


Your body often relies on past experiences to make decisions. If your current state of health served a purpose in the past, your body may resist change. This resistance can make it exceptionally challenging to alter your diet or lifestyle, essentially sabotaging your progress.


To overcome these obstacles and clear the path toward healing, you need to convince your body that the intended changes are beneficial. This is where kinesiology can be of assistance. By using muscle testing, we can identify acupressure points or chakra that need attention to reduce the body's stress response when you think about the beneficial affirmation.


That's why, in many cases, the first session focuses on identifying and addressing subconscious obstacles to healing. By doing so, we can accelerate the healing process. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like additional information.